Quail and Turkey

Quail hunts:
Oct. 1st- March 20th

We have many different ways to package Quail hunting trips to meet the needs for individuals or groups. For lunch we have Quail, tomato gravy, biscuits and something sweet to top it off. We clean and package your birds for you. We have everything that you need to make this the best trip for you and your costumers.

Group packages:
200 birds, up to 5 hunters, all day hunt: $2600.00
300 birds up to 6 hunters, all day hunt: $3400.00 (Best Deal)

We can put pheasants and chucker's out for the hunt also.  
Call for pricing on anyway that you want to put your trip together.


Tower shoots:
200 pheasants, 20 hunters, We cook you a whole hog with all the trimmings, clean and package you birds. $6800.00

We also have tower shoots thru out the season. $300.00 per shooter up to 25 shooters. This is a great event to bring the whole family on and spend the day together.


Turkey hunts:  
March 20th - April 30th
3 day hunts, 2 Gobblers


Ducks hunts:
$250.00 for half day hunt
6 birds